1/6 Committee considers Donald Trump Jr. with new subpoenas

The 1/6 Committee issued three new subpoenas for planners of Trump’s 1/6 rally, including two advisers to Donald Trump Jr.

Committee 1/6 focuses on Trump Rally planners

The Committee announced:

The select committee issued subpoenas for cases and testimony to the following people:

Andy Surabian and Arthur Schwartz were strategists who both served as advisers to Donald Trump, Jr. and communicated with individuals including Donald Trump, Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle regarding the Jan. 6 Ellipse rally.

Ross Worthington is a former White House official who helped draft the former president’s Jan.6 speech for the rally at the Ellipse.

Committee 1/6 methodically investigated leads and issued new subpoenas for those who were instrumental in organizing the rally that Trump used to incite the mob to carry out a domestic terrorist attack on Capitol Hill.

Committee Chairman, Representative Bennie Thompson, said: “The select committee is seeking information from people who attended the rally at the Ellipse. The protests that day escalated into an attack on our democracy. The protesters became rioters who led a violent attempt to derail the peaceful transfer of power. We have reason to believe that the people we have called to appear today have relevant information, and we expect them to join the more than 340 people who spoke to the select committee as we continue to investigate this attack on our democracy and guarantee no such thing. never happens again.

Donald Trump Jr. is likely a person of interest to the committee

There is ample evidence and reason to believe that Donald Trump Jr. was involved in planning the events of 1/6. The subpoenas from two of his advisers are not good news for the former president’s son as they suggest the Committee has received information leading them to Donald Trump Jr.

The 1/6 Committee’s investigation comes close to that of Trump themselves, as they make their way to the top of the coup plot.

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