3 lessons every leader should learn from the Netflix blockbuster “Don’t Look For”

The Black Comedy Netflix Do not seek broke weekly records last week when he was views for a total of 152.6 hours, the company said. The film tells the story of two scientists who spot a ‘planet-killing’ comet heading towards Earth, and what happens when they deliver this message to the government and the public.

Do not seek is a clever combination of hilarious and deeply disturbing, mainly because the most dysfunctional reactions to the news somehow seem very believable. It’s worth watching for anyone in a leadership position, because between the laughs over the very realistic memes on social media and the silly Ariana Grande-style pop star played by Ariana Grande, there are some really valuable lessons about what. ‘don’ts when you are facing an impending crisis.

1. Don’t ignore the importance of messaging.

Our two astronomers, having just learned that our planet is facing an existential threat, are – understandably – emotionally on edge. As two people who spend most of their time inside observatories looking at telescope readings, they are also not used to being in the spotlight. And they’re not particularly good at it.

At the start of the film, the two are invited to appear on a Good Morning America-style television show. Dr. Randall Mindy (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) begins with a lengthy scientific explanation of how the comet was spotted. doctorate The student Kate Dibiasky (played by Jennifer Lawrence) goes on, losing her cool in the face of the joyful and frivolous tenor of the show and its hosts.

I found myself screaming onscreen during this scene because it’s the first and possibly the most important moment when things go horribly wrong. It’s a perfect illustration that the way you say something can be much more meaningful than what you actually say.

2. Don’t ignore brain prejudices.

The brain is a very imperfect organ for understanding the world, and yet it is all that any of us have. In particular, when you present someone with information about something they have never seen before that contradicts their current beliefs and expectations, they are likely to either ignore or not believe it. It is because of conservatism bias, which causes people who have beliefs in place or decisions they have already made to ignore or disbelieve new information that requires change.

History has shown us many examples of this phenomenon. An old friend of mine who lived in Paris during the German occupation learned that the Nazis were planning to round up the city’s Jews a day before this happened. She spent that day warning all Jewish people she knew to leave town immediately, but very few took her advice. Having lived their entire lives safely in this city, they couldn’t imagine what might happen to them if they stayed, or that staying could be scarier than leaving when they had nowhere to go.

When sharing difficult news that will bring about huge change, it’s important to remember that the conservatism bias is likely to affect people’s reactions. Sharing the news smoothly, gradually if possible, and recognizing the difficulty of hearing it and making the necessary changes can all help you overcome this prejudice.

The characters in Do not seek don’t do any of those things. Unsurprisingly, their listeners use every possible excuse not to believe what they have to say.

3. We already have everything.

At the end of the film, as the future looks bleak, scientists, along with their family and friends, find themselves in an ordinary conversation about homemade apple pie vs. store-bought apple pie. and the benefits of grinding your own coffee beans. The DiCaprio character stops to say, “The point is, we really had it all, didn’t we? I mean, when you think about it.”

It’s a lesson we all have to learn, and we have to learn it over and over again until maybe one day it persists. For all of our dreams for the future, for all of our efforts to build businesses and careers, and for all the worries we have for everything we do as well – so many of us already have so much of what we want. and everything we need to make our lives complete. We shouldn’t be demanding a killer comet rushing towards Earth to make us stop and notice.

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