4 million more Americans have health insurance because Biden is president

President Biden has improved the lives of millions of Americans as 4 million of them obtained health insurance coverage during his presidency.

4 million more Americans have health insurance coverage because Biden is president

Video of President Biden:

Speaking of the economy, President Biden said: “We made quality coverage via more affordable ACA than ever with families saving an average of $ 2,400 in annual bonuses in four of the five consumers who seek quality coverage for less than $ 10 per month. And the result when you reduce the cost of health care, plus people can afford to get it. Over 4 million people have acquired cover since I became President. You heard me say it a million time. Having health care is also peace of mind.”

Biden’s People First program works

Joe Biden’s People-Centered Program is working. You wouldn’t know by watching the cable news or listening to Republicans talk about Biden’s presidency as if it represented the end of the nation, but President Biden’s effectiveness in improving the lives of Americans is measurable.

Four million more Americans have health insurance coverage just because Joe Biden is president. The number of uninsured Americans has increased under Donald Trump.

Biden reversed Trump’s war to destroy Obamacare, and the result is millions of Americans can see a doctor who may not have been able to before.

Joe Biden delivers for the American people.

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