Amazon to face second Alabama union vote in February

It’s now clear that employees at Amazon’s warehouses in Bessemer, Alabama, will vote in a second mandatory union election. Like Motherboardby Lauren Kaori Gurley Remarks, the National Labor Relations Board sent a notice that employees at the BHM1 distribution center can begin voting with secret ballots on February 4, with the vote count starting March 28. Anyone employed in the business from the first week of January 2022 may consider joining the Retail, Wholesale and Department Stores Union.

The NLRB ordered the new vote after determining that Amazon interfered with the first union election in early 2021. The RWDSU filed 23 objections after the 1798-738 “no” vote, accusing Amazon of installing a unapproved mailbox to intimidate staff as well as to distribute anti-union material like badges and placards. After an investigation, the NLRB found that Amazon had a “blatant disregard” for the postal voting process which made a fair election “impossible.”

The RWDSU was not entirely satisfied with the advice. In one declaration, the organization claimed that the NLRB’s decision “does not adequately prevent” Amazon from skewing the vote. Amazon, meanwhile, repeated its November comment in response to Engadget’s inquiries. He maintained that warehouse workers voted “overwhelmingly” against joining the union, and found it “disappointing” that the NLRB rejected the election.

As before, the stakes are high. A pro-union vote would give warehouse workers collective bargaining rights they could use to improve wages and working conditions, two common points of contention. Whatever the outcome, it can be surmised that the election will attract further scrutiny from politicians and stars who see it as a turning point for workers at the internet shopping giant.

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