Antonio Brown opens up about Tom Brady, Bruce Arians and CTE in extraordinary interview

Antonio Brown opens up about Tom Brady, Bruce Arians and CTE in extraordinary interview

As the war of words between Antonio Brown and the Buccanneers continues, the former Tampa Bay wide receiver seeks the final say.

In a tumultuous week that began with Brown leaving the field shirtless at MetLife Stadium leading to a public feud filled with leaked text messages, accidental revelations of bank accounts and attorney statements and teamwork, Brown appeared on the “Full Send” podcast on Friday in her first interview since her infamous release.

What turned into an hour-long, off-the-rails, and profanity conversation that Brown referred to as “Kumbaya,” the free agent discussed everything from the incident itself to CTE to the location. where he thought he should fall into the depth of the graphic Tampa receiver to Tom Brady, Bruce Arians, Rob Gronkowski, and more.

Sporting News breaks down the craziest moments of the interview.

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Antonio Brown shares his side of the story

Brown spoke of the criticism he has faced over the past few days, acknowledging, “I have acted irrationally and done things people don’t understand, but that’s part of life. bad etiquette, bad reputation. As humans we want to be treated in a civilized manner – it’s about integrity and treating people the right way. “

Regarding his departure from the field last Sunday, Brown said he was only defending against an ankle injury.

“I got too sexy for the stadium,” Brown added. “My adrenaline got so high. I got too sexy for my clothes. I gave the fans what they wanted.

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Brown thinks he belongs at the top of the depth chart

With Mike Evans and Chris Godwin leading the charge this season for the Bucs, Brown questioned his “prove it” level salary and wondered if he was one of Brady’s “boys”.

“If Tom Brady is my boy, then why am I playing for serious pay? Gronk is his boy, what is Gronk doing? So why is AB on a deal to prove it,” Brown asked.

For context, Gronkowski signed a one-year contract with the Bucs last offseason with a base salary of $ 1.75 million and a signing bonus of $ 6.25 million. Brown signed a one-year contract worth up to $ 6.25 million, of which $ 3.1 million is guaranteed.

Brown then posed the question of who on the Buccaneers was better than him.

Brown has appeared in seven games this season and has been targeted 62 times, which is the team’s fifth largest, although he felt he should have taken center stage ahead of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.

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Antonio Brown’s “Friendship” with Tom Brady

Brown also took issue with people’s perceptions of Brady and his talent, claiming that Brady is deified and placed on a higher pedestal, while supporting actors are left behind.

Warning: Tweet contains NSFW language

Brown added that Brady was “no god” and said Brady and the Bucs called him to help them win a Super Bowl, not the toilet bowl.

It’s important to note that Brady often attributes his success to his teammates because Yahoo! Sports columnist Shalise Manza Young pointed out.

When the hosts of the “Full Send” podcast attempted to portray Brady as a good guy for allowing Brown to stay in his house, Brown shot them down.

“I have my own money, do you know who I am?” I don’t need to stay with anyone, I have my own house – I don’t need any pitiful party from any of you. “

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Brown aims for CTE

Amid concerns that Brown might have a CTE or suffer from repeated blows to the head, he also dismissed that and said all tears on behalf of Tampa regarding CTE or his sanity are of the crocodile type. after the death of longtime former Buccaneer Vincent Jackson.

The full interview is visible here.

Finally, Brown has indicated that he wants to return to football. “It’s just the beginning,” he said.

With his ankle injury he is all but ruled out this year, saying he can’t play 100% and would be doing the team that signed him a disservice.

Will he have his chance next season? Time will tell us.

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