Arizona GOP Senate Candidate Post Shameful Ad Says Let’s Go Brandon

Jim Lamon, a wealthy businessman running for the Arizona Senate, pleaded for Trump’s love with an ad stating Let’s Go Brandon.

Jim Lamon releases most disrespectful ad of 2022 (so far)

Here is the announcement:

To say that this announcement was misguided would be an understatement. The fact that Lamon is setting a million dollars on fire to run this ad suggests that he sees it as an investment in raising his profile with the right-wing and gaining Trump’s approval.

The ad itself is completely stupid.

Jim Lamon is running madly. He is also running on “stopping the border invasion” which should be easy as there is no border invasion. Lamon also fights for “electoral integrity” and claims Democrats are rigging the election, but most of all, he’s angry with Joe Biden for getting more votes than Donald Trump.

Republicans run only on the wrath of voters.

The GOP slogan is “We lost and we really are crazy about it”.

What will Jim Lamon do about COVID, inflation, or any other issue the nation is facing?

Judging by his announcement, he’ll be doing nothing but go to the Senate and go crazy.

Republicans are banking on an angry electorate in November, and they are running on nothing else. Arizona fell under the purple states category, so an ad like this is unlikely to work.

The announcement shows Republicans have nothing, and if inflation and the pandemic improve by the fall, they will be in big trouble.

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