“Attack on Titan” gear is coming to “Call of Duty”

the The attack of the Titans The animated series is drawing to a close and Activision is determined to capitalize on the renewed interest. A bundle launched on January 20 will bring 10 The attack of the Titans articles to Call of Duty: The Vanguard and Pacific War Zone. The highlight is a Survey Corps outfit inspired by Survey Corps Captain Levi Ackerman, but you’ll also have access to three weapon blueprints (including the Titan Piercer blade) as well as a charm, sticker, emblem, a finishing movement and highlighting material.

Other updates for the upcoming season include a new character (Isabella Rosario Dulnuan Reyes), her favorite submachine gun, and gameplay and item expansions in Avant-gardeZombies mode. The correct fixes for The attack of the Titans the content will appear approximately one week in advance at midnight Eastern Time on January 12 for Avant-garde and January 13 for War zone.

The addition is odd, especially if you’re used to the anime – it’s a much more realistic style. You also won’t have giant, naked Titans to fight. Even so, you might not mind if you want a video game memory beyond the (now old) version of Koei Tecmo.

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