“Baby Shark” is the first YouTube video to reach 10 billion views

No, you still can’t escape “baby shark. ” Billboard reports Pinkfong’s catchy children’s song became the first video to reach 10 billion views on YouTube. And no one is likely to catch it anytime soon – Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” video, which “Baby Shark” overtook as the most popular video in November 2020, recorded “only” 7, 7 billion views at the time of writing.

The familiar (albeit very repetitive) hook of the 2016 song is certainly part of its success, but it’s also been aided by a relentless return to popular culture. In addition to covers of celebrities like James Corden and Bebe Rexha, “Baby Shark” also enjoyed a 2019 tour, a viral dance challenge, a spot in Just Dance 2020 and a Nickelodeon TV show which premiered in 2021. Put simply, Pinkfong kept the track in the spotlight where even breakout songs like “Despacito” faded away.

Interest is not likely to cool down in the immediate future. Nickelodeon not only renewed its “Baby Shark” show, but promised a feature film. There is even an NFT collection if you are determined to merge two internet trends. It could be a long time before another video unfolds, even with K-pop megastars regularly breaking new ground in other areas.

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