Biden makes biggest investment in nation’s bridges since Eisenhower

President Biden has announced the biggest investment in the country’s crumbling bridges since the Eisenhower administration.

Video of President Biden:

President Biden said:

the bipartisan infrastructure law includes the biggest investment in the bridges since creation of the highway highway system. Bridges to connect us, bridges to make America work. Across the country right now there are 45,000 bridges, 45,000 poor state. We see pictures of some of behind me in all 50 states.

I had the chance to see some myself. In New Hampshire, it’s a bridge where if it’s not updated, weight restrictions could mean school buses and fire engines would have travel again 10 miles apart to get to the other side of the river to manage to go to school or to put out the fire. In New Jersey, I just visited the busiest railway bridge in the western hemisphere. ‘Cause it’s not high enough for maritime traffic, it must open to let barges through. Sometimes when it closes, the rails must be hammered manually put back in place, and that slows down trade and increases costs.

For decades, the country’s infrastructure has collapsed. The decline in the state of infrastructure coincides with the shift from a production economy to a service-based consumer economy.

The pandemic has taken so much away from so many people, but it also presents the country with an opportunity to address many long-term issues like infrastructure that has been neglected for generations.

The president does more than deal with the problems of the present. The president also lays the foundation for future success in the United States.

If America ever wants to do things again, it needs quality infrastructure. President Biden is taking historic steps to build a better American future.

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