Canon Forced To Ship Knockoff Ink Cartridges Due To Chip Shortage

Printer manufacturers have long used chips to thwart third-party ink cartridge sales and lead you to their own products, but now they’re feeling the sting of those restrictions. The register and USA today note Canon a had to ship toner cartridges without copy protection chips due to continued shortages. This, in turn, has led to some ImageRunner MFPs incorrectly report Official Cartridges As Counterfeits – Canon has even taught printer owners how to bypass warnings and deal with defective toner level detection.

We asked Canon for a comment. Some users said they encountered similar issues with HP printers, but this company has not directly confirmed or denied the issues in a statement to The register. Instead, HP said it was using a “globally diverse” supply network to stay “nimble and adaptable” amid chip shortages.

The printer problem illustrates one of the most common complaints about digital rights management (DRM) and other copy protection systems – they create problems when their designers cannot offer support. complete. Just ask people who have purchased music related to PlaysForSure from Microsoft, for example. Canon, HP, or others are unlikely to ditch their DRM chips anytime soon, but this incident won’t exactly help their case.

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