COVID-19: France eases British travel restrictions “in the coming days” | World news

France is expected to reopen its borders to British tourists in the coming days, according to a government spokesperson.

Gabriel Attal said an announcement would be made “by the end of the week” confirming that COVID travel restrictions will be relaxed for Britons visiting France.

Mr Attal said France had already broadened the category under which British visitors could enter the country for business reasons.

His comments came a day after Alexandre Holroyd, a member of the French National Assembly who represents expatriates from the country living in the UK, wrote on Twitter: health measures at the borders will be announced very soon. “

COVID hit the French ski industry

Customers could be “one of the few lucky skiers in France this weekend”

A travel agent, Ski Line, is selling ski trips from the UK to France departing on Saturday in anticipation of the end of the travel ban.

The Kent-based company told customers they could be “one of the few lucky skiers in France this weekend,” adding the trip would be reimbursed by Friday if there was no announcement on lifting the travel ban.

France introduces a ban on non-essential travel to and from the UK on December 18 in an effort to slow the spread of the Omicron variant.

The country reported 361,719 new cases of COVID-19, 246 new deaths and 16 new admissions to intensive care units on Wednesday.

Currently, people allowed to enter France from the UK must have a negative test within 24 hours of leaving.

They must also self-isolate for 48 hours after arrival before taking another test.

Last week, UK relaxed restrictions.

Those who are fully vaccinated no longer need a test before arriving in the UK and they can take a lateral flow test – rather than a PCR – after arriving.

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