Devin Booker vs. the Raptor? Suns star challenges Raptors mascot antics

Devin Booker vs. the Raptor? Suns star challenges Raptors mascot antics

While the Suns picked up a 99-95 road victory over the Raptors on Tuesday, Devin Booker took on one Raptor in particular – and he’s not on the roster.

In accordance with Ontario provincial safety guidelines, no fans with tickets are permitted to attend Raptors home games. Instead, participation is limited to 1,000 people, who are largely made up of employees, friends, family, and the Raptors mascot aptly named “The Raptor”.

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With the Suns holding a point lead late in the dying seconds of the game, Booker moved towards the line in hopes of putting the game aside.

After missing his first free throw, a visibly frustrated Booker pointed to the section behind the basket and told a referee someone jumped as he was shooting the ball. Suns forward Jae Crowder also pointed in the same direction, calling attention to what had just happened.

While the Suns broadcasters (who weren’t in attendance) mistakenly assumed it was a bullet collector, it turns out that Booker was pointing fingers at the Raptors mascot, who as the only one “fan” of the arena, tried to distract the 87.1 percent free throw shooter with the game in play.

In response to complaints from Booker and Crowder, the Raptor was banished to the corner of the floor, out of Booker’s line of sight.

Booker scored the second free throw to give the Suns a three-point lead with 6.5 seconds left.

Is there an emerging quarrel? With the Suns taking the win, Booker indicated that the rift between him and the Raptor was water under the bridge, telling reporters “we’re getting cold now.”

It’s a good thing that’s settled.

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