“Florida is an autocracy,” says former governor Ron DeSantis

When the Founding Fathers met at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, they did so for two reasons. First, they had to get rid of the anemic Articles of Confederation, which were ruining the country with such rapidity that it was evident that, very early, that they had to leave. So the Founders needed a stronger federal government with a Constitution. And yet, despite the fact that they needed to create a stronger federal government, the goal was once again to create a structure that focused much more on what the federal government couldn’t do than on what it could. To do.

The states would do most of the government. They would become “little laboratories of democracy” and good ideas could find their way to the federal government. Over the past two decades – at least – states have acted more as a flashing red light, bathing DC in the red, an alarm meant to warn that democracy is on the way out.

Who remembers Kansas Governor Brownback? He would show the country how removing taxes and regulations would bring business to the state and help it prosper. Instead, he literally shattered the education system, social services, and nearly smashed state government, all because of falling – not rising – income and “freedoms.”

Now we have a man from Florida, Ron DeSantis, so determined to be the next Donald Trump that he’s ready to throw his state straight into the sea and upset the Liberals, just to prove he can be the strong leader. who has succeded. Ron DeSantis is not interested in being a laboratory for democracy. He wants to show MAGAs across the country the benefits of being an autocracy. An autocrat can tell those panty-waisted liberals to bow, then control the state legislature and Supreme Court to get away with it. Interesting, a bit like Russia.

Ron Filipowski is now a Twitter legend, spending entire days documenting this country’s slide towards autocracy and his state of Florida straddles the others. Indeed, Flipowski, a former member of the Judicial Appointments Commission (a bigger job than it looks), says that Florida, right now, is an autocratic state:

Is there a counter-argument? The United States was built on the idea that privacy will be respected unless there are overwhelmingly compelling reasons that require regulation. Florida businesses were previously free to say “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” During COVID, DeSantis went to its pet legislature and demanded that they change the law banning private businesses from requiring vaccinations. Republicans have always believed that local government is the most efficient government (unless they have the power), local government entities such as school districts and municipalities began to do things DeSantis disapproved of. He quickly drafted the legislation necessary to achieve his ends and it was easily passed by the legislature of his preferred state.

Filipkowski has diagnosed the underlying cause, one that will sound familiar to anyone paying attention to what’s going on in the right-wing media. Extract from an editorial in the rampart:

Because the bigger problem is that in today’s Republican Party the tail wags the dog often, with the GOP elites increasingly getting their talking points and ideas from media influencers on podcasts, social media sites and television. These influencers, with their millions of well-brained followers, push elected Republican officials to say what they want to hear, rather than the other way around. We have seen this happen on several occasions, where positions are created in the world of alternative media to be adopted later by elected officials of Congress or at the local level.

It’s about money. But it was always about the money. The difference this time was that it was corporate money, then begging voters. Now it’s $ 50 to $ 100 checks sent out by tens of millions of curators across the country who are happy to pay to “own the libraries”, but they better get their money’s worth by. owning these libraries.

Unfortunately for democracy, “libs” are in the majority in the country (never let a MAGA tell you this is a moderate / conservative country, this is their favorite topic of discussion and it is completely false). There is only one way to strongly impose your will on the majority, and Flilipkowsi names it in his thesis. We are turning to autocracy. Florida is the first and most extreme, despite the fact that it is actually a purple state). But do not worry. The other red states will not be far behind.

When these labs produce a great new product, others jump at the idea. Indeed, given the chance in 2024, we can count on the federal government following Florida’s leadership. Did you think 2016-2020 was bad?

You don’t know Florida. Ron does.

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