Former speechwriter says people underestimate the danger Ted Cruz poses

Old joke:

Why do people immediately hate Ted Cruz? Because it saves time.

Two characteristics have followed Ted Cruz throughout his life. It was obvious that Cruz had one of the most powerful legal minds in anyone’s memory, even astounding his professors at Harvard. Second, he was the most hated person in every organization, group, panel, or class, also noted among those same professors at Harvard.

Recently, Cruz gave the audience a serious reason to wonder if this “shine” is strictly limited to his capacity for legal analysis and that the real Ted is as stupid as a rabbit fight (in the same way as Ben Carson was one of the world’s best pediatrician neurosurgeons, that you would let your child’s brain operate for ten hours, but not let Carson babysit your child for an hour, this type of genius is not uncommon.)

Now we hear that there might be a third characteristic of Ted Cruz that needs to be watched more closely than the other two, one that has previously flown under the radar. He could be dangerous, according to his former speechwriter Amanda Carpenter, writing in The Bulwark.

We all had a good laugh as we watched Tucker Carlson wring Ted out in the dough machine earlier last week. But Carpenter warns it’s symbolic of something that’s not funny.

The problem is Cruz’s use of the expression “violent terrorist attack” when he talks about the January 6 demonstrators who attacked the police. For that, last Thursday, Carlson accused Cruz of “repeating the talking points that Merrick Garland prepared”. To burn. God knows the worst thing a potential 2024 GOP presidential candidate can do is send a message to the Biden administration about January 6.

The fact that it was in fact a violent terrorist attack means nothing in the MAGA movement today.

It should be remembered that when Cruz entered Republican politics, being tough on crime was a good message. He probably clings to the idea that the typical GOP voter wants to “support the blues” and that a successful politician should be consistent in his exposure of criminals on the left and on the right.

Well, now – again we have proof that Ted’s intellectual firepower is quite limited because if he thought “supporting blue” on January 6 was a winning message with MAGAs on January 6, 2022, so he’s been asleep for a year or he’s just stupid. The right is still exposed criminals, but they must be the good criminals, these people. The terrorists who attacked the Capitol were patriots, not criminals and especially not terrorists. Any self-respecting MAGA knows it.

But that’s Carpenter’s point. Ted was right. Ted knows the truth. Ted went with the truth, And maybe old Ted would have stayed with the truth. No more.

Ted asked Tucker to fix everything:

I made a distinction. I wasn’t saying that the thousands of peaceful protesters supporting Donald Trump are somehow terrorists. I wasn’t saying that the millions of patriots across the country who support President Trump are terrorists, and that’s what a lot of people misunderstood.

Carlson introduced Ted to the new language and the new way of thinking like a MAGA. Carlson:

“If someone assaults a cop, he has to be charged and go to jail. I couldn’t agree more. We have been saying this for years. But this person is still not a terrorist.

Carpenter points out that the brilliant Cruz could have given Carlson the exact definition of terrorist, which turns out to be a glove for the Capitol rioters, but instead chose to go deeper into the rabbit hole, so far that it started to get quite hot:

Let me also make a quick point, Tucker, remember, as thousands of people stood up to defend this country on January 6, at that exact moment I was standing on the Senate floor to me. oppose the election results, demanding that we form an electoral commission to examine the evidence of electoral fraud, and I have called together eleven senators to join me in getting to the bottom of this.

So of course it would be ridiculous of me to say that people who stand up and protest to respect the law are somehow terrorists. I was talking about people who commit violence against cops, and you and I agree, if you commit violence against cops, you should go to jail.

He’s a man who had thousands of better answers available, ones that would have made Carlson back down in shame and yet become straight MAGA, meaning that Cruz is now fighting with DeSantis and Hawley to be the guy sitting at the front. father’s right.

The good news is that Carpenter may not have noticed it, but Cruz fucked up a lot more than he recently did. If he is dangerous, it is because he will make a mistake that will make everything fall apart, not on purpose, as others wish.

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