‘Fortnite’ returns to iPhone and iPad via NVIDIA GeForce Now

Fortnite has not been available on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for 17 months. While the game isn’t expected to return to either store anytime soon, it looks like gamers will soon be able to return to the island on their phones and tablets (unless they’re already using a version side-loader on Android or play the console versions remotely).

NVIDIA and Epic Games have teamed up on a mobile version of battle royale it’s playable via GeForce Now. A desktop version is already available on the service.

A limited-time closed beta will begin next week to test server capacity, graphics delivery, and touch controls. NVIDIA has registrations open and it will allow users to access the beta in batches over the next few weeks. You do not need a paid GeForce Now subscription to participate. If you manage to secure a spot, you can play Fortnite via Safari on iOS and the GeForce Now app on Android. NVIDIA and Epic have yet to set an end date for the beta.

When NVIDIA enabled GeForce Now on iOS via the web in November 2020, it said it would eventually give iPhone and iPad users access to Fortnite again, although Epic and Epic initially built a touch version. Android and iOS gamers can use a Bluetooth controller if they prefer not to use touch controls while swinging around the map as Spider-Man.

Apple and Google ripped off Fortnite from their respective stores in August 2020 amid a battle with Epic Games over in-app payments. The publisher sued the two companies, alleging they were engaging in anti-competitive behavior. The Apple case went to trial last year. A judge ruled that Epic had failed to prove that Apple violated antitrust laws.

Both parties appealed against aspects of the outcome. Apple was granted a last-minute reprieve for having to implement changes to the App Store that would require it to allow developers to direct users to alternative payment methods and bypass the 30% reduction it takes for integrated payments. Either way, until all legal remedies are exhausted, a process that Epic CEO Tim Sweeney says could take several more years, Apple won’t let go. Fortnite again on the App Store.

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