Georgia rush finally gets to Bryce Young, disrupts Alabama attack

Georgia rush finally gets to Bryce Young, disrupts Alabama attack

The first time Georgia and Alabama met in the 2021 college football season, the Bulldogs’ defense couldn’t reach Crimson Tide quarterback Bryce Young. The Heisman Trophy winner was well protected against an aggressive pass rush.

This was not the case on Monday night in the rematch.

With the National Championship on the line, Georgia gave Alabama a whole new look. This intensified the pressure on Young and managed to sack the runner-up on four occasions, including in the last game of the game, to help Georgia secure a 33-18 victory and the program’s first title since 1980.

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A month earlier in the SEC Championship game, Young torched Georgia’s defense, which ranked No. 1 in the nation in scoring and total distance for most of the season. The Bulldogs failed to sack him and were separated by 421 passing yards and three touchdowns as Alabama claimed a 41-24 victory.

According to Pro Football Focus, Georgia has only six QB hits and just 16 rushes in that game. Young struggled when he was pressured, completing just 31.3% of his passes for 95 yards on those plays, but he’s also only been pressured on 37.5% of his setbacks.

Georgia’s performance was an anomaly. The Bulldogs have been No. 1 in the standings for most of the season thanks to their defense. Unity received the best rating by Pro Football Focus before the National Championship game, and the pass rush was ranked No.5. The defense placed in the top five for sacks thanks to the strength of a line that was one of the most feared in the world. country. But in the SEC title game, that couldn’t generate the pressure to slow Young down.

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Georgia rode it this time. Even when Young wasn’t sacked, he was emptied of his pocket and forced to throw in tight cover, which was made all the more difficult by the absence of his top wide receivers John Metchie and Jameson Williams. , who were outside injured.

Focus on professional football said Georgia hit Young 10 times and rushed him 26 times on Monday. Young was pressured on 44.3% of his setbacks and completed only 50% of his passes for 136 yards.

“They changed a few things” from the first meeting to the second, Young said after the game. “We knew we could have different looks. Some looks, it took me a little while to get down. The O line fought and fought all day, all season, and some of these things can look like, can look interior, can look like a diagram, but that’s a lot that I have to do with it.

“They changed some things, had different tendencies, and I have to deal with that faster. Just make the right play for the team better than I did tonight, so they changed some things and I could not perform. “

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Even though Bednarik Award winner Jordan Davis was slowed down on the line of scrimmage, other linemen like Jalen Carter, Robert Beal and Devonte Wyatt stepped up. The trio had the highest rushing passing score among Bulldogs players, per PFF.

The Georgian offense did what it needed to do, racking up 26 points and controlling the clock at 28:29 to help keep the defense at rest. But in the end, the defense that brought the Bulldogs to the National Championship game did it against the Crimson Tide to claim that elusive title.

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