Giovanni Reyna could play for Real Madrid, says ex-USMNT star Brad Friedel

Giovanni Reyna could play for Real Madrid, says ex-USMNT star Brad Friedel

Gio Reyna “can be whatever he wants to be,” according to former US international Brad Friedel, who believes the Borussia Dortmund playmaker would not be moved to Real Madrid or a Premier League heavyweight if a future transfer was to materialize.

For now, the highly rated 18-year-old is very focused on the present and is coming back from a final injury. He will want to be in good shape again for the second half of Borussia Dortmund’s Bundesliga season and the US national team’s push to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

However, it is expected that there will come a time when his next career change will have to be made, with Reyna’s obvious potential already noted by major teams across Europe.

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In an interview with GOAL, former USA goalkeeper Friedel said the biggest question with Reyna will be to avoid injury: “He also has to stay in shape. He had some problems. But he has done remarkably well. Basically from the first moment it passed [to Germany] he did well and got stronger and stronger.

Could Reyna one day follow in her father’s footsteps and play in England? Friedel thinks so: “He could play in the Premier League. When you come to the Premier League there is a learning curve due to its physical nature. Could he get used to it, adapt and thrive? Absoutely.

“He can graft and do the defensive work, do the pressing, if that’s what the playing system demands. He has the tools to be all of that.

Could Gio Reyna end up at Real Madrid?

Friedel sees the best clubs in the world as the next destination for the young American star.

“He’s used to a big club so it won’t be a problem if he has to go,” Friedel said. “I imagine that if he ever had to leave Dortmund he would go to another really big club. It just feels normal to him and won’t be intimidating.

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Along with the inevitable ties to ambitious Premier League sides, Reyna has also sparked the interest of La Liga giants Real Madrid.

It has been suggested that he could be targeted by Los Blancos as a long-term successor to Luka Modric, a player Friedel has previously played alongside at Tottenham.

He said of this big billing: “They are different. Gio would need to play a lot more games to control the tempo of a game like Luka Modric.

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“They are different players. Luka is one of the special midfielders who can play No.6, No.8 or No.10. He can control an entire game with his passes – speed it up, slow it down and he doesn’t even have to. not seem to run. It’s something that isn’t taught, not trained, it’s just in his footballer’s brain.

“There are a lot more games Gio will have to play to be there, but could he play at one of the big clubs? Could he play for Real Madrid one day? Yes. I think he has that quality.

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