Glenn Beck said he didn’t need the vaccine, now he has COVID in his lungs

Glenn Beck has said he doesn’t need the vaccine, but now he has COVID, and it has progressed to his lungs.

Beck was on Mark Levin’s radio show when he casually announced that his COVID had worsened: “I’m fine, Mark. I’m fine, Marc. Despite having COVID and seeing the destruction of our country.

Levin asked Beck, “Do you have COVID right now? “

Beck replied, “Yes, I do. It is [COVID-19] starting to enter my lungs today and a little disturbing. I’m on all the meds and treatments and everything, so. “

Beck said the monoclonal treatment isn’t as effective for Omicron, but he’s taking the usual preservative killer cocktail of hydroxychloroquine and horse dewormer, so he should be doing just fine, which is exactly what thousands of people say. anti-vaccine conservatives have said before him, and they’re all dead now.

Glenn Beck, unlike other Fox News anti-vaccines that watch deaths, has a ton of money, so he can afford the best medical care, so it’s misleading for him to mislead people into saying that he is doing very well with COVID in his lungs.

Much like hundreds of thousands of other Americans, Glenn Beck has claimed he does not need the vaccine, and now he has worsening COVID and is an example of the kind of unnecessary medical condition that clogs hospitals all over the world. United States.

Beck is the poster child for COVID egoism.

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