Google Meet Companion Mode is rolling out to the Nest Hub Max

After updating Workspace (formerly G Suite) with a number of new features last year, Google’s previously announced Companion Mode for the Nest Hub Max and other Google Meet hardware has started rolling out.

Companion Mode is a second-screen experience designed to support the transition to hybrid work environments by providing easier access to various Google Meet controls and features for people calling from a shared office.

Previously, workers calling in from a meeting room often had to jockey for control if they wanted to do simple things like raise their hand (virtually) or drop a comment in chat. The result was that employees who worked remotely and called meetings using a phone or PC were often more active and visible in meetings than their colleagues in the office who participated using a mobile phone. traditional conference room.

However, with the addition of Companion Mode, office workers will soon have access to most Google Meet features through Nest Hub Max or other certified material like a Lenovo Tap while being part of the shared meeting. And while the Nest Hub Max might not be common in conference rooms today, this new mode could help Google bring more devices to businesses of all sizes as they adapt to post-pandemic work. To join a meeting in companion mode, you can either enable the setting in Google Meet’s “green room” or use a dedicated URL:

Google Meet features available in companion mode include chatting, starting and voting in polls, raising your hand (which includes showing a person’s name and title), using commands of the host and the activation of subtitles or translations.

Google says the goal is to ensure that no matter where you work from, everyone on a video call will have access to a similar set of tools and features. Companion mode will be enabled by default, however, for people using the free version of Meet, it’s important to note that anyone using it will count as an additional participant towards the 100 person limit, instead of a full room people counting as one participant.

Google Meet Companion Mode is rolling out this week, but depending on your domain or user type, it may take a few more weeks for it to be available on your device.

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