Google Meet Live Translated Captions Begin to Roll Out on a Large Scale

Google Meet has started rolling out live translated captions widely after testing the feature last year. It works on the web or on mobile but remains quite limited, translating only English meetings into four languages: French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

“Translated captions help make Google Meet video calls more inclusive and collaborative by removing language proficiency barriers,” Google wrote in a Workspace blog. “When meeting participants consume content in their preferred language, it helps equalize information sharing, learning and collaboration and ensures that your meetings are as efficient as possible for everyone. ”


The feature is designed to be useful for hands-on or training meetings with teams located around the world. According to Google, it can also be useful in education, “allowing educators to connect and interact with students, parents and community actors from diverse backgrounds.”

To use the feature, users need to enable subtitles in settings and set it to English before switching to translated subtitles below. They can then choose one of the translated language options. For more information, see Google Meet translated subtitles help page.

Google first announced the feature at its I / O Developer Conference last year, and Otter offers a similar service for Google Meet and Zoom. Live-translated captions are available for Google Workspace Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Google Workspace for Education Plus customers. It’s been rolling out gradually since yesterday, so it may take up to 15 days for you to see it.

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