How the search for a bow tie turned into a $ 65 million truck-sharing business

In 2015, James Eberhard needed a bow tie. He was scheduled to attend a wedding in Brooklyn, and no one, not even the “super hipstery” hotel he was staying at, had one. “I thought there would be some kind of community sharing,” he says – a Zipcar for the bow ties, if you will. There was not. So he launched an app – Fluid Share (which quickly changed its name to Fluid Market) – that allowed users to rent anything from tools to hobby equipment. On the first day, someone rented a truck. Eberhard, finding the truck rental industry particularly dysfunctional, addressed this early signal and in 2018 renamed his Denver-based company to Fluid Truck, which now offers 24/7 access to hundreds vehicles with an hourly, daily or weekly pricing model. The company closed a $ 63 million Series A round in 2019 and announced a last mile delivery partnership with Ikea in 2021.

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