Jim Acosta challenges Tucker Carlson to tell his viewers he’s vaccinated and boosted

CNN’s Jim Acosta challenged Fox’s Tucker Carlson to tell his viewers the truth that he’s vaccinated and boosted.

Acosta video:

Acosta said: “And let’s just say now a challenge to Tucker Carlson as we’ve been talking about it since Regards and from Dr Reiner, Tucker Carlson, tell the American people if you have been doubly vaccinated and boosted. We know the truth, we know you have been, but just tell us. Tell everyone the truth.

Tucker Carlson has been a primary instigator of anti-vaxxer and COVID misinformation on cable news.

Carlson admitted he lies on his show, but what he’s doing to his viewers is far worse than misleading them. He kills them. Carlson takes those few million people who watch him every weekday evening and tells them to put their own health and the health of those close to them at risk by not getting vaccinated.

For Tucker Carlson, there are odds, money, and fame to keep America divided on everything. Carlson is a much more cynical and smarter version of Donald Trump.

We know Tucker Carlson is vaccinated because Fox News demanded it, but yet he refuses to tell his viewers the truth and tell them that he has been vaccinated twice and received his booster.

Tucker Carlson doesn’t want to die of COVID, but he is more than happy to mislead his viewers into this horrific fate.

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