Jim Jordan’s letter apologizing for testifying beaten by CNN Fact-Checker

Jim Jordan is quite used to obstructing investigations. This is not said with humor or mischief. Jordan knew firsthand that an Ohio state doctor was physically assaulting young men as part of the Ohio state wrestling program and was extremely active in covering up the investigation.

Jordan has now been invited to testify before the select committee investigating Jan. 6, 2021. He declined and posted a two-page letter explaining why the committee should not call him to testify. It was not a convincing letter.

CNN fact-checker Tara Subramaniam made the list as a very frustrated physics professor.

Jordan initially said he had nothing to offer the committee, no idea that would differentiate him from anyone in Congress. President Bennie Thompson pointed out that since Jordan had spoken to Trump at least once on January 6 and possibly “several times” (they wouldn’t use the word “possibly” if they weren’t nearly some he did, once is enough). The conversations not only make Jordan a witness, but they also make him a “material witness”, if not more important.

Jordan said Pelosi “did not consult McCarthy” about the appointments and therefore the committee was invalid. Pelosi consulted with McCarthy, who named five Republicans, one of whom was Jim Jordan, the other Jim Banks. Pelosi rejected both because he was… important witnesses.

The rest of Jordan’s apology went as well as the above. He said Rep. Adam Schiff tampered with one of his text messages, and yet it was revealed that Schiff read every word of the text. He was not tampered with. Jordan claimed the committee had subjected the telephone companies to a “gag order” so that they could not notify customers that their records had been searched. The claim was rebutted by the fact that Verizon sent notices to its customers (we assume Jordan is a Verizon customer, given that this is his doing being verified) saying he had until January 5 to file a lawsuit to block his phone records.

Pro tip: A congressman who tries to block his Jan 6 phone records from the Jan 6 committee could risk looking very bad, very bad, who might look better if he didn’t. hadn’t objected at all.

Jordan then revealed that the Committee accused Bernie Kerik of being in a command center in Washington DC, but that he was in fact in New York at the time. It was pointed out that Kerik was accused of organizing the command center, not being there.

As said, this is not Jordan’s first major investigation in which he could face serious consequences. Surely he’s learned that delaying and defaming the investigative body helps… some. In the end, the truth usually emerges, whether it comes out through Jim Jordan or around Jim Jordan will play a big part in the consequences he will face when the investigation is necessarily over.

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