Kevin McCarthy prepares for subpoena by refusing to cooperate

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has made a spurious argument that the 1/6 Committee is illegitimate and has come forward for summons.

McCarthy said in a statement:

This committee is not conducting a legitimate investigation because President Pelosi has taken the unprecedented step of dismissing the Republican members I have appointed to serve on the committee. It serves no legislative purpose. The committee’s sole purpose is to attempt to harm its political opponents – acting like the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee one day and the DOJ the next.

The committee asked for testimony from the staff who applied for First Amendment permits. He subpoenaed the tapes of private citizens’ calls and their financial records with banks while demanding secrecy not backed by law. He lied about the content of the documents he received. He has convicted individuals of contempt of Congress for exercising their constitutional right to avail themselves of legal process. And now he wants to ask me about public statements that have been shared with the world and private conversations that have nothing to do with the violence that has taken place on Capitol Hill. I have nothing more to add.

As the representative and leader of the minority party, it is without regret or satisfaction that I have concluded not to participate in the abuse of power by this select committee which taints this institution today and will prejudice it. to come up.

McCarthy is lying. He knows full well that the committee is legitimate. Kevin McCarthy walked away from the committee and withdrew his nominees, so his blame for President Pelosi is absurd.

Kevin McCarthy is preparing to be subpoenaed. He is betting that the committee will not go through with it and assign the leader of the minority. Yet the committee has good reason to believe that McCarthy has important information. If he does not show up voluntarily, the committee may have no choice but to compel him to testify.

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