Logitech unveils $ 60 Litra Glow lamp for streamers

Good lighting that flatters the subject is an essential part of production for streamers and video creators in general. Logitech (under the brand Logitech for Creators) has just launched a new lighting device designed for streamers called Litra Glow, and he says the product is able to provide a “natural, radiant look on all skin tones.”

Litra Glow provides glare-free light that’s supposed to be easy on the eyes and safe for all-day streaming. It also features Logitech’s TrueSoft technology, which promises cinematic color accuracy and allows for soft, flattering light that can seemingly make streamers less tired.

Jasmine Apolinar, Product Manager for Logitech For Creators, said:

“We designed Litra Glow to address common issues encountered by streamers and content creators, including light quality, harsh shadows, and eye strain from long hours of streaming.”

Whether it can really make all skin tones look “radiant” remains to be seen. Different skin tones require different approaches to lighting on video – using the same lighting for white actors, for example, had made black actors look ashy or barely noticeable in dimly lit scenes in movies and movies. emissions. for a long time. One of the creators of Logitech was able to talk about Litra Glow, however, is black visual artist and photographer Aundre Larrow, who previously shared tips on how to photograph darker skin tones in an article he has. written for adobe. Larrow said of Litra Glow:

“The lighting looked natural. It looks good on my skin and is suitable for people of different complexions without looking blown out. The hot to cold is super precise and I found the light to be strong enough and gentle to be used alone. “

Logitech designed Litra Glow to be plug-and-play, and streamers can choose from five presets with different brightness and color temperature. If they want to customize it further, they can adjust these settings themselves. They can also connect it to Logitech’s G HUB software to create their own presets and assign them to the G keys on a Logitech G keyboard or mouse. The Litra Glow will come with a monitor stand that is adjustable in height, tilt. and in rotation when it starts shipping this month. It will be available in the United States, Canada, Australia and some European countries on by Logitech website and Amazon, Adorama and other retailers for $ 60.

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