Madison Cawthorn claims Rachel Maddow is afraid of having her on her show

Congressional Representative / suspected National Terrorist Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) suggests Rachel Maddow is afraid of having him on her show.

Cawthorn retweeted a story from Fox News that suggested that a Maddow producer was questioning Cawthorn’s motives if he wanted to come on his show:

Cawthorn later asked what Maddow was afraid of:

Rachel Maddow might be scared of something, but she’s not Madison Cawthorn unless Cawthorn instigates one of her domestic terrorist cells to attack her.

Rachel Maddow can’t get Republicans to come to her show.

Republicans avoid Rachel Maddow at all costs. They won’t come on his MSNBC show. She has said on several occasions that she tried to get Republicans to come talk to her, but the vast majority of them refuse.

It has been suggested by former NBC executives that the Republican refusal to be interviewed by Maddow made her “too partisan” to be considered for the role of Meet The Press moderator.

Rachel Maddow would love to have elected Republicans like Madison Cawthorn on her show. The problem is, and PoliticusUSA knows it from personal experience, unless the outlet is deemed “friendly,” most Republicans in Congress will either reject requests or refuse to respond.

Cawthorn is afraid to leave his conservative media bubble, not Rachel Maddow. The MSNBC host would probably have invited him for an interview, but if she asked, chances are he would decline.

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