Meta-delays return to power on optimistic March 28

Meta, the company that at the start of this pandemic was called Facebook, has updated its return-to-office guidelines, moving its target date from the end of this month to March 28, CNBC reports. With the changing hours for reopening and inconsistent directions, one can only imagine how tortured the employees of the company must be.

Namely: in December 2020, CEO Mark Zuckerberg first Recount employees, they would not be required to receive a COVID-19 vaccine to return to work. At that time, the company expected that remote work could continue until at least July 2021, although he then pushed to open offices in May. In June, Zuckerberg had exceeded a new edict: either ask the authorization of a manager to work from home, or be required to come to the office at least half of the week.

A month later the Delta variant arrived, Zuckerberg changed his stance on vaccines required for employees, and the company has implemented a new target October for a complete reopening. In August of last year he had pushed this is the return to power in January 2022. As Omicron expanded rapidly this winter, Meta stuck to its January 31 goal, but gave some employees the option to delay three to five month in-person work through an “office deferral program”. Incidentally, this new date of March 28 includes a new requirement that employees also receive the vaccine booster.

Faced with so many uncertainties, several technology peers of Meta, such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, Uber and Docusign, have chosen to postpone the reopening indefinitely. Facebook moderators built into the company’s Mountain View headquarters were scheduled to report for work at the office on Jan. 24, a week ahead of full-time employees and with no other option available. Their entrepreneur, Accenture, reversed this decision after numerous internal protests by workers.

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