Michigan AG hands federal government criminal evidence against 14 Republicans who signed false election documents

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel told Rachel Maddow her office turned over to the Justice Department evidence against 14 Republicans who signed false election documents.

Video of Nessel on the Rachel Maddow Show:

Nessel said:

I will tell you that we have assessed the fees for almost a year now based on the Activities. As soon as we became aware of this. I will say that under state law I clearly think you have a fake of a public record a year of 14 crime and falsification of the electoral law which is a five year offense. But what we decided to do with the investigation in the light because of course we saw as you pointed out several times now, various different fake slates of voters of seven States, in what appears to be a
coordinated effort between Republican parties in various different states.

We think this is a question which is the best investigated and potentially pursued by federal authorities and as such just today we have referred to this West District affair, the United States Attorney’s Office, to to evaluate it and we hope this principal judge – the DMinistry of Justice will be get involved and use information they already have better understand exactly what happened that day so that federal fees may be evaluated.

Nessel said Republicans could face both state and local charges because dual criminality would not apply. She was hopeful that the Justice Department and Merrick Garland would investigate the entire multi-state plot that appears to have been directed to attempt to return Trump to the presidency.

The 14 Michigan Republicans who attempted to impersonate voters could face criminal charges.

The investigation appears to be taking so long because Trump’s coup involved numerous plots to overturn the 2020 election results, but it looks like 14 Michigan Republicans could face the consequences of their crimes.

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