Mike Pompeo: Former US Secretary of State Explains How He Lost More Than Six Stones In Six Months | US News

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has revealed how he lost nearly six and a half stones (40 kg) in less than six months.

The Trump administration’s top diplomat told the New York Post that keeping his weight off has been a battle of a lifetime.

But, on June 21 of last year, he decided that was enough and that he was determined to lose weight from about 21 stones (93 kg) to almost 14 and a half stones (133 kg).

He told the Post that he bought a home gym for his basement, which included dumbbells and a gym kit that mimicked the action of climbing stairs, and then started working out, all the while carefully watching what he ate.

The day after finding out he weighed 300 pounds, he woke up and said to his wife, Susan, “Today is the day.”

The 58-year-old, who was also a director of the CIA, said: “I started to exercise, not every day, but almost every day, and to eat well and the weight was over. just started to decline.

“I tried to go there five, six times a week and stay there for about half an hour. And it wasn’t scientific. There was no trainer, there was no no dietician. It was just me. “

Its success has been questioned by a number of diet and fitness experts.

Several weight loss experts interviewed by the Kansas Star newspaper about it said much more extreme methods would have been needed than the former state congressman admitted.

One of them, Micah LaCerte, told The Star, “He should be on a massive starvation diet … no way with only half an hour of training. Ninety [lbs] in six [months] is amazing, especially for his age, unless he trains for hours every day. The numbers just don’t add up. “

Mr Pompeo said that in order to be successful all he needed was to be in the right frame of mind.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in July 2021, three weeks after deciding to lose weight. Photo: AP

How did he do it?

“For me, it’s about doing it right and being disciplined enough,” he told the Post.

Whereas before, when he visited his favorite restaurant, he ordered stacks of syrup-smothered pumpkin pancakes, the former secretary now has egg whites and turkey bacon.

He said his weight gain started 10 years ago after being troubled by a foot injury and after being elected to Congress, where he served between 2011 and 2017, followed by a 15-month stint at the head of the CIA.

Room service cheeseburgers

He said he often worked late into the evening going to his hotel room and ordering food like cheeseburgers from room service.

“You keep working and you keep eating,” he said.

His version of events was supported by a friend who studied with him at the US Military Academy at West Point, David Urban, who said: being able to be incredibly focused. “

Mr Pompeo also denied that his decision was due to his consideration of a candidacy for the Republican presidential bid in 2024.

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