Mitch McConnell collapses in Senate over Biden’s voting rights speech

Mitch McConnell made an almost ten-minute rant in the Senate in response to President Biden’s voting rights speech.

Mitch McConnell throws tantrum after Biden’s voting rights speech


McConnell said in part:

The president’s rant yesterday was inconsistent, incorrect and under his Office. He used the expression Jim Crow 2.0 demagogue a law that makes the more accessible franchise that in his own state of Delaware. He lambasted Georgia’s procedures concerning local elections officials while pushing legislation with almost identical language on this subject publish.

The president hinted at things as a very popular voting id Laws to be, quote – listen this – totalitarian? Totalitarian? Ironically the same day, Washington, DC’s Democratic the mayor told citizens to bring both a photo ID and a vaccine card every time they leave the to house. The president has repeatedly invoked the riot of January 6 when himself using irresponsible, the delegitimizing rhetoric that undermines our democracy.

The President-in-Office of The United States compared to Americans from states to totalitarian states. He said our country will be a autocracy if he does not get his path. If he doesn’t get what he wants. So the world saw our commander chief of propaganda against his own country, his own country to a degree that would have made Pravda blushes. There was no consistent standard behind anything the president noted.

Mitch McConnell is scared

McConnell saw what happened in 2020 when people got to vote. Republicans lost the White House and the Senate. Senator McConnell is worried that 2020 will become the new normal and that the Republican Party will lose the election in the years to come.

Senator McConnell’s speech did not come from a position of strength.

McConnell is afraid because a change in the filibuster rules to reflect the will of the majority would drain his political power. Mitch McConnell would no longer be able to hobble presidents, block Supreme Court candidates, and generally guide a minority tyranny.

The Senate is closer to real change than it has been in years. Mitch McConnell senses the change coming, and that’s why he throws everything at the wall in the hope that something will stick.

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