Nintendo’s “Ring Fit Adventure” Drops To $ 55, Plus The Rest Of The Week’s Top Tech Deals

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This week brought deals on Apple devices, gaming hardware and more. The Mac Mini M1 remains on sale for $ 600 while 3rd-gen AirPods have dropped back to an all-time high of $ 140. from Nintendo Ring shaped adventure is back in stock and $ 25 off, while you can still get a one-year Switch Online family membership and microSD card at 50 percent off. Here are the best tech deals from this week that you can still get today.

Nintendo Ring shaped adventure

Devindra Hardawar / Engadget

the Ring shaped adventure is back on sale for $ 55, or $ 25 off its regular price. This is a good option for Switch owners who want to train more in the New Year but don’t want to go out and do it. Joy-Cons strap to the included ring and leg strap so the game can record your moves as it has you doing things like squats and crunches to progress through a fantasy world, defeat enemies and more.

Buy Ring Fit Adventure on Amazon – $ 55

AirPods (3rd generation)

Apple has totally overhauled the AirPods for the third generation version with the biggest changes coming in design and audio quality.

Billy Steele / Engadget

Apple’s latest AirPods are on sale for $ 140 right now, or 22% off their regular price. These are the latest headphones from the company and we gave them a rating of 88 for their improved design, better audio quality, and long battery life.

Buy AirPods (3rd Generation) on Amazon – $ 140

2020 MacBook Pro M1

Apple's latest MacBook Pro with an M1 chip.

Devindra Hardawar / Engadget

the 2020 MacBook Pro M1 remains at $ 150, bringing the model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage down to $ 1,150. It’s not the latest MacBook Pro with the high-end processors that Apple recently released, but it’s still a viable option. We gave it a rating of 84 for its fast performance, beautiful screen, and long battery life of 16.5 hours.

Buy the 2020 MacBook Pro M1 from Amazon – $ 1,150

Mac Mini M1

Apple mac mini


The base Mac Mini M1 is $ 100 off through one sale and an additional coupon, bringing it down to $ 600. This model runs on the M1 chipset with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. This is Apple’s most affordable M1 machine, making it a good option if you need an upgraded desktop.

Buy Mac Mini on Amazon – $ 600

Nintendo Switch Online Bundle

SanDisk 128 GB Nintendo Switch microSD card


Amazon still has a package which includes a one-year Switch Online family membership and a SanDisk 128GB microSD card for $ 35. You basically get the microSD card for free here, and the family plan membership allows up to eight people to access online gaming, cloud data storage, and a library of NES and SNES games to play when. you want.

Buy the Switch Online plan on Amazon – $ 35

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Refurbishment of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Billy Steele / Engadget

the Galaxy buds 2 are down to $ 100 right now, or $ 50 off their regular price. We gave them a rating of 84 for their improved sound quality, adjustable ambient sound mode, comfortable design, and support for wireless charging.

Buy Galaxy Buds 2 from Woot – $ 100

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE pre-orders on Amazon come with $ 100 gift card


Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy S21 FE, is officially available and starting to ship and Amazon is offering a $ 100 gift card if you order the handset through the online retailer. We briefly tested the FE at CES 2022 and called it “last year’s no-frills flagship,” and it includes a 5-nanometer processor, 120Hz display, 32-megapixel front camera, battery. bigger and more.

Buy the Galaxy S21 FE plan on Amazon – $ 700

Google Nest Audio

Nintendo's "Ring Fit Adventure" Drops To $ 55, Plus The Rest Of The Week's Top Tech Deals

the Nest Audio smart speaker has fallen to $ 75, or $ 25 off its regular price. While not as good as its Black Friday price, it’s still a good discount on one of our favorite smart speakers. It earned us a score of 87 for its excellent audio quality, stereo mode, and minimalist design. You can also retrieve the Nest Mini for only $ 25.

Buy Nest Audio from Best Buy – $ 75

Google News Hub (2nd generation)

Nintendo's "Ring Fit Adventure" Drops To $ 55, Plus The Rest Of The Week's Top Tech Deals

The second generation Nest Hub has been reduced to $ 60, or $ 40 off its regular price. It’s also only $ 10 more than during the holiday season. We gave it a rating of 89 for its beautiful 7-inch display, improved performance and audio quality, and new sleep tracking feature.

Buy Nest Hub (2nd Gen) from Best Buy – $ 60

Withings Body + connected scale



Withings Body + smart scale is 41 percent reduction for today only as part of a daily offer on Amazon which includes a number of other similar scales. The Withings gadget connects to WiFi and tracks things like your weight change, body fat and water percentage, muscle and bone mass, and more.

Buy the Body + smart scale on Amazon – $ 59 collage

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Subscribe to – $ 15 / month

New technological offers

Echo Show 5

The second generation Echo Show 5 is on sale for $ 45, or 47% off its regular price. Not much has changed between the first and second generation, but that’s okay. We gave the latest model a rating of 85 for its good sound quality, tap-to-snooze feature, and quaint design.

Buy Echo Show 5 (2nd Generation) on Amazon – $ 45

Wyze v3 camera

the Wyze v3 camera with the projector kit is 32% off, which brings it down to $ 36. This is one of the easiest to use and one of the most affordable smart home security cameras, and the projector kit will make it more useful as an outdoor camera at night.

Buy Wyze Cam v3 on Amazon – $ 36


HBO Max has a sale until January 25 that hits 20% reduction on its monthly plans. This means that you can get the service with ads for $ 8 per month or the ad-free tier for $ 12 per month, with both rates reduced for one year. Current HBO Max subscribers cannot take advantage of the offer, but if you recently canceled and wanted to come back, you should be able to take advantage of the discount.

Subscribe to HBO Max starting at $ 8 / month

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