Packers’ Aaron Rodgers Calls Super Bowl Boycott Rumor “#fakenews”; Was Boomer Esiason tricked into reporting it?

Packers' Aaron Rodgers Calls Super Bowl Boycott Rumor "#fakenews"; Was Boomer Esiason tricked into reporting it?

Aaron Rodgers responded to rumors he would potentially boycott the Super Bowl over COVID-19 rules in the NFL by tweeting jokes about the claim.

During his CBS Sports NFL Today podcast on Friday, Boomer Esiason shared a text message he received from an unknown source regarding the QB Packers.

What does that say?

The “source” said Rodgers would boycott the Super Bowl due to the NFL’s COVID-19 rules, specifically the rule asymptomatic players must test.

But, it’s important to note, there is more context to this story.

Esiason and his co-host, Gregg Giannotti, later admitted that they thought the text was a prank.

Giannotti posted the clip with that conclusion seven minutes before Rodgers launched a Twitter rant about the rumor.

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Rodgers first retweeted the first video of Season reading the source text using 10 hashtags in his caption, one being “#fakenews”.

Packers practice quarterback Kurt Benkert added to the conversation soon after. Rodgers asked Benkert if he was the source who messaged Esaison, and Benkert then played with it, even calling himself Benedict Arnold.

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Then Packers quarterback Jordan Love stepped in and said he was the source. Rodgers also made fun of Love.

Rodgers is not vaccinated, as was made clear when he tested positive for the virus in early November. The Packers quarterback has been criticized for his earlier claim that he was “immune”. Since testing positive, Rodgers has not taken back his comments regarding COVID-19 and how the NFL is handling it.

Esaison and Giannotti are playing a dangerous game of spreading low-source information to the world, especially around Aaron Rodgers. The QB Packers have disagreed with various publications and members of the media over the perceived misinformation regarding the effect COVID-19 had on his injured toe and its value for the NFL MVP award based on vaccination status.

Esaison and Giannotti’s latest blunder is another log for Rodgers.

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Although the Packers won the No. 1 seed in the NFC, Rodgers will still start Sunday against the Lions in the Packers’ final regular season game this year.

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