Peacock’s ‘Bel-Air’ Reimagines The Fresh Prince’s Origin Story In First Trailer

Bel Air, Peacock’s modern reinterpretation of The prince of Bel-Air, will debut on February 13, the streamer announced on Monday and shared a first trailer. , Bel Air reimagines the classic ’90s sitcom as an hour-long drama series. All of the main characters from the original comeback, including Uncle Phil and Carlton, although they might not be as you remember them. This is most evident with Carlton being shy in the trailer. Thankfully, Will’s best friend Jazz seems to be true to his inspiration.

The project was inspired by fan screenwriter and director Morgan Cooper released in . Cooper’s creation and the Peacock series build on the original premise of The fresh prince, using Will’s trip from West Philadelphia to Bel-Air to tell a story about second chances, race, and class. Will Smith’s Westbrook Studios produced the series, with Cooper as director, co-writer and executive producer. He told Smith in 2019 the idea of Bel Air came to him while driving on Interstate 71. He was thinking of the original show when he drove an underpass and was inspired. “I knew I had a story to tell,” he said at the time.

Peacock will release the first three episodes of Bel-Air on Super Bowl Sunday, with subsequent episodes to follow each week. The series is currently slated to run for two seasons.

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