Ted Cruz confronts Fox as he tries to go back by calling 1/6 a terrorist attack

The Republican Party has gone to such an extreme that Senator Ted Cruz has to say he was misunderstood when he called 1/6 a terrorist attack.


After Tucker, Carlson jumped on Cruz for having the nerve to tell the truth about 1/6. the Texas Senator went into full backtrack mode:

Following my sloppy wording, this caused a many people misunderstand what I wanted to say. Let me tell you what i meant to say. What I was referring to were the limited number of people who carried out violent attacks against the police. I think you and I that if you attack a policeman, you should go to jail. This is who I was talking about.

And the reason the wording was sloppy is I spoke tens if not hundreds of times. I made a distinction – I did not say the thousands of peaceful protesters supporting Donald Trump are sort of The Terrorists I didn’t say the millions of patriots across the country who support Trump are terrorists, that’s what a lot of people misunderstood.

Cruz described 1/6 as a terrorist attack on several occasions

CNN’s Daniel Dale tweeted the evidence that Cruz labeled 1/6 a terrorist attack:

There was no sloppy phrasing. Ted Cruz was forced to crawl in front of Tucker Carlson, because for months he has, for once, been telling the truth.

The attack on Capitol Hill was a terrorist attack, but Ted Cruz wants to run for the Republican nomination in 2024 and admitting that Trump supporters have committed an act of domestic terror is prohibited.

Nobody accepts the assertion according to which Cruz was misunderstood, because in the Republican Party, one supports terrorism or one is not republican.

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