The Morning After: Samsung’s next flagship for the Galaxy is coming soon

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So we have already switched to the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition, announced last week. Let’s turn our attention to Samsung’s Galaxy S22 family, apparently set to officially break coverage next month. According to South Korea , a launch event will take place on February 8. Judging by the leaks and rumors, you can also expect to see three different devices, with different screen sizes, specs, and prices. The top of the Galaxy S22 Ultra range may feature a Super Clear lens on its array of cameras. We don’t quite know what that means yet.

When we do, we’ll share all the details with you.

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The Magic V has larger screens than the Galaxy Z Fold 3.


Are you ready to be confused by another similar looking foldable smartphone? Honor’s Magic V is its first attempt at a foldable form factor, and like Samsung’s Z Fold devices, it’s a dual-screen smartphone. On the outside, it has a 6.45-inch, 431 PPI external display with a resolution of 2560 x 1080, a refresh rate of 120 Hz, and a 21: 9 aspect ratio. Open it up. and you’ll unfold a 7.9-inch display with a 2272×1984 resolution and 90Hz refresh rate. In an effort to tackle wrinkling issues on these very expensive devices, Honor says that its teardrop hinge prevents wrinkles.

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More people driving contributed to the increase.

In the past year, greenhouse gas emissions in the United States have increased 6.2% from 2020 levels, according to a new report from the Rhodium Group. The jump puts the country further behind the achievement of the reduction targets put forward by the. Behind the increase in global emissions were corresponding increases in pollution in the transport and electricity sectors.

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The company says the change was not brought about by regulatory pressure.



Razer has removed all mention of “N95 grade” filters in its newly announced and smart face masks from its website and other marketing materials. “The wearable itself is not a medical device nor is it certified as an N95 mask,” a Razer spokesperson told Engadget. “To avoid any confusion, we are in the process of removing all references to the ‘N95 quality filter’ from our marketing materials.”

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It was an experimental procedure.

Doctors at the University of Maryland School of Medicine have achieved a medical first. His surgeons successfully transplanted a pig’s heart into a 57-year-old patient as part of an experimental procedure.

They were able to demonstrate that a genetically modified animal organ could survive and function in the human body without immediate rejection. Three days after the operation, patient David Bennett is alive and “doing well”, according to the hospital.

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It’s a reimagined origin story for The Fresh Prince.

Bel-Air, Peacock’s , will debut on February 13, the streamer announced on Monday and shared a first trailer. All of the main characters from the original comeback, even though they might not be what you remember them.

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