Trump is finally rushed by reporter and runs away from NPR

Trump was ultimately pressed by an objective reporter, and he responded by fleeing from NPR.

Trump runs away from NPR interview when asked about 2020 election lies

Listen to the interview:

Here’s how NPR described the interview:

The interview lasted six years. Trump and his team have repeatedly declined talks with NPR until Tuesday, when he called from his home in Florida. It was scheduled for 15 minutes, but lasted just over nine.

After being pressed for his repeated lies about the 2020 presidential election, Trump abruptly ended the interview.

… ..

The tone of the interview has changed. Trump then rushed to the phone as he began to be questioned about the attack on Capitol Hill, inspired by election lies.

It took six years, but reporter finally insisted on Donald Trump

Trump was not in a rush like Steve Inskeep has been in a hurry throughout his political career. Trump was live on the air and he couldn’t back down or ask to stop the interview. Trump has already ditched taped interviews, but generally his live appearances are reserved for the friendly kingdom of Fox and Friends.

When Trump was confronted with his lies in real time, he couldn’t deal with reality and fled.

The NPR interview showed why Trump sticks to conservative media and only deals with mainstream media in places where he can control the cadre and who can question him.

Trump is leading the Republican Party to its demise. A sane party would be deeply troubled and determined to stop its return to power after the NPR interview, but Republicans appear to be embracing their impending demise with the giddiness of an apocalyptic cult.

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