Trump is so terrified of Biden that RNC threatens to withdraw from 2024 debates

The Trump-led RNC sent a letter to the Presidential Debates Commission saying it will order GOP candidates not to participate in 2024.

Via: The New York Times:

The Republican National Committee is preparing to change its rules to require presidential candidates seeking the party’s nomination pledge not to participate in any debate sponsored by the Presidential Debates Commission.

Republican committee officials alerted the debate committee to their plans in a letter sent Thursday, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times. If the change continues, it would be one of the most significant changes in the way presidential and vice-presidential debates have been conducted since the commission began hosting debates over 30 years ago.

The real reason Republicans are stepping up debates is fear

In 2020, Trump wanted the presidential debates to be moderated by his Fox News lackeys. Trump has been complaining about the debates for years.

Joe Biden exposed Donald Trump in 2020. Biden blew the former president out of the water in each of the three debates. Trump has always been a terrible debater, but he couldn’t make his way through the debates in the last round of the presidential election, so he’s trying to get rid of the debates altogether.

Republicans are afraid to allow the people to vote. Republicans are afraid to stand on a debate stage and own their unpopular ideas.

Trump controls the RNC, which is currently paying his personal legal bills.

Why Republicans want out of presidential debates has nothing to do with bias.

Trump is afraid to take the stage and be beaten by Biden again in 2024.

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