Tucker Carlson defends domestic terrorists who called Pelosi’s office seeking evidence they left behind

Tucker Carlson claimed that the domestic terrorists who attacked the Capitol were innocent because they called Pelosi’s office to claim evidence they left behind.


Carlson said:

Business Insider reported this afternoon that on Jan. 7, the next day, protesters called Nancy Pelosi’s Capitol office looking for items they may have left inside the building. Law enforcement noted their numbers and then arrested them.

Is this the behavior of people who believed they were trying to overthrow the US government?

Obviously, this is not the case. They are Americans who came to the Capitol with their friends to loudly complain about what politicians were doing. They assumed it was still allowed, but it’s not allowed.

Tucker Carlson apparently never heard of a cover-up

The one consistent trait that runs through most of the 1/6 National Terrorists Arrested is law. The people who attacked the Capitol felt entitled to such a degree that they thought they could overthrow an election with violence.

The insurgents wanted their stuff because it was evidence that would be used against them in court.

They were not Americans denouncing their government. Trump terrorists violently stormed the Capitol to prevent the certification of an election.

They broke the law.

Tucker Carlson is the digital source of inner terror and authoritarian empowerment on cable television.

Carlson feeds the right-wing war on democracy every weeknight from his Fox News platform.

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