Twitch streamers can now give away free emoticons to their followers

Starting today, most partners and affiliates will be able to hand out emoticons to community members just to follow them. They can set up to five emoticons that subscribers can use for free by uploading new ones, moving them from subscriber-only levels, or choosing from a selection of default emoticons created by Twitch. The live broadcast platform last June, and now they’re more widely available.

There is a caveat: in order to offer emoticons to subscribers, a streamer will need to be eligible for . This feature allows streamers to add emoticons that their communities can access immediately without manual review by Twitch staff. Creator accounts must be in good standing to be eligible (they cannot have been in the previous 60 days, for example).

If they lose their instant download eligibility, streamers can still rearrange and remove existing subscriber emotes – they won’t be able to add new ones or reassign emotes from other tiers.

Until now, channel-specific emotes have mostly only been available to subscribers, although some streamers allow viewers to use them to unlock certain emotes. Subscriber emotes should give streamers another way to make viewers feel like they’re part of a community, even if they can’t subscribe.

Twitch also said Affiliates should have access to animated subscriber-only emotes this month. Partners can already use animated emotes.

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