Uber no longer supports calling via Apple Watch

Did you know you can flag an Uber with your Apple Watch? No? It doesn’t really matter anyway, because the Uber Watch app was effectively interrupted, according to Apple insider. If you try to use it, a message appears asking you to change mobile apps instead. He further specifies “we no longer have [sic] supporting Apple Watch app. Sorry for the inconvenience, “with a crying emoji to drive the point home.

The app has not yet been checked out from the Watch App Store, but all you will get is the error message if you try to use it. When it was working, it allowed you to flag down a trip, see the status of your request, and view the location of the vehicle. More advanced functions such as the distribution of tariffs were reserved for the smartphone application.

The grammatically disputed post suggests that the app may have been hastily retired, although neither Uber nor Apple have commented. The App Store listing (above) presents the app as a way to leave the house without your smartphone and continue taking a ride, provided you have a watch that is compatible with cellphones. To be fair, Uber also retired its WearOS app in 2019, likely due to a lack of usage.

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